Launch Day

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Launch day, September 27, was quiet. Which is probably not surprising, given that my husband was away presenting a paper in Portland, Maine, the book has already been out on Martha’s Vineyard since July, there is no 10-city tour planned, and I had inexplicably scheduled appointments with a refrigerator repair man, a replacement window company, and the AEP refrigerator recycling pickup team.

(I do love my new fridge.)

But the day had its exciting moments. Washashore jumped, briefly, from the 585,963-ranked book on Amazon to the 85,783-ranked book. (Today it’s down to 258,570. I have no idea how they calculate these rankings, and my private author dashboard on Amazon reports zero sales on Bookscan, which I know to be wrong, so go figure. This is probably not something an author should be watching, if only for mental health reasons.)

And then, these arrived.











(Husband may have been traveling, but he didn’t forget!)

I got one great review on Goodreads. It’s from a biased source, but I’ll take it!

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 11.25.39 AM





I received an e-mail from someone who said she and her husband are on disability and can’t afford to buy books but due to her fond memories of the Vineyard, she wanted my book badly enough to write and ask for a free copy. We promised to send her one, of course.

I got texts like this one, from my sweet sister:











And I received a raft of lovely e-mail messages from friends who are excited for me and are planning to attend my reading and book launch party at the Thurber Center on October 17 at 7 p.m. I’ve never been a secret writer; I need to tell everyone I know that I am writing a book. Being public about is a little terrifying but it bolsters my commitment; I think my persistence in trying to find a publisher for Washashore, despite many disappointments, springs in part from the fact that so many people knew about the project. And that persistence paid off!

So my friends know how hard I have worked to bring my first novel for kids to press. . They have been oh so supportive along the wayTheir excitement on my behalf makes me extraordinarily happy. I can’t wait to celebrate with them.

THAT will be the real launch day.

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