Get involved

A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change. This website, run by the US Environmental Protection Agency, has lots of information about climate change and its effects, as well as things you can do to help slow the process.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This site has a special map where you can click on your home state and learn more about endangered species in your own backyard. It also lists ways you help endangered species.

The Vineyard Conservation Society (which does not have anyone named Emily Brewster on its board) has been working to protect the fragile ecology of Martha’s Vineyard since 1965.

The Audubon Society focuses on conservation of birds and wildlife. It has 500 local chapters nationwide and many centers for learning and conservation. .

Flying WILD encourages students to get involved in stewardship through educational programs featuring migratory birds. offers many ways to get involved with solving the problem of climate change. This international organization, founded by nature writer and now global activist Bill McKibben, has volunteers in over 188 countries.