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Posted on Jun 9, 2013 | 3 comments

Washashore front coverAs a writer, you invest so much of yourself in a book…you want it to have a beautiful cover. But the unsettling fact is that when it comes to the cover, the author is not the decider. That’s because the cover is primarily a marketing tool. It needs not only to be lovely but also to stand out from other books on the shelf. It has lots of jobs to do: it has to subliminally signal what kind of book it is, who the target reader is, how old he or she is, the time period, and the tone and other elements of the content. And, of course, it should scream “Pick me up! Read me!”

We writers don’t necessarily know how to accomplish all this. (At least, the marketing people don’t think we do!)

But of course, we do have our own cover fantasies. So waiting to see that cover design is a little, shall we say, anxiety-provoking.

Luckily for me, the anxiety is over and I am pleased to say that I really love the cover that Lucky Marble Books has created for WASHASHORE. I love the sandy background, the water, the curvy title, and Clem’s dreamy, thoughtful pose. And I love that it’s so…beachy.

I also love that I can share it now — because WASHASHORE’s pre-publication Martha’s Vineyard launch is just a couple of weeks away!

Oh, yes. In case you’re interested, here’s the back cover, too. Thanks for looking!

Washashore back cover


  1. Excellent .., makes my 13 year old soul want to read it.

    • Forever thirteen!

    • Tell me your dreams, Clem.
      Can’t wait to hear about them.

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