A patch of sky

Posted on Apr 12, 2014 | 1 comment

DSC_0030I was sitting beneath my favorite pine tree this morning listening to the early-hours bird concert and trying to get over feeling exhausted and depleted when I happened to look up. Straight up. I noticed something I hadn’t seen before.

The lowermost branch of the tree, which was directly above my chair, projects straight from the trunk and then, about four or five feet out, takes an abrupt dip and a 90-degree turn to the south. Then it turns up, making a “Z”. It’s a strange, bulging, gnarly bend. It’s ungainly, although to me it makes the tree, already beautiful, even more interesting to look at.

I’ve gazed at and appreciated that twisty branch hundreds of times, without ever understanding it. But this morning, by chance, I found myself looking at it from exactly the right angle. I saw that the branch is bare from the trunk to the bend and then right after the bend it explodes in a spray of branchlets and needles. And that spray of needles nestles into and fills a hole in the canopy formed by the branches above it. That branch, I saw, had dipped and twisted its way into its own little patch of sky. It found its own portion of nourishing sunlight.

It needed to gnarl up and bend in order to reach to the light.

I decided not to go back to bed. The daylight was creeping towards me across the lawn. I sat and waited.

Pine tree and chairs




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  1. Dear soul mate, I have such a branch in the middle of my bedroom window and have always seen it as design and called it Chinese calligraphy. Reaching for the light is a dimension I had not thought of.

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