A flock of books about birds

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Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 8.39.18 AMBlogger Mia Wenjen of The Pragmatic Mom invited me to write a guest post sharing my favorite books for kids about birds. That was easy! She’s also holding a raffle to give away three signed copies of WASHASHORE, so click on over to her website to enter! The raffle ends Saturday, Dec. 21.

Here’s my post:

Birds. They have four limbs—just like us. They walk on two legs—just like us. They like to sing—just like us.

And yet they are so very different from us. Which is why we find them so fascinating.

I should know. Starting from zero knowledge, I willingly dove into months of bird research to write a children’s novel that centers on the survival story and the migration pattern of the majestic ospreys.

The osprey, as regular readers of the Pragmatic Mom will know, is a raptor with a six-foot wingspan that eats only fresh fish, and that travels as far as 3000 miles each way during its fall and spring migrations. Ospreys catch their dinner by dive-bombing headfirst from 50 to 200 feet in the air, reaching out at the last second with long, sharp, curved and deadly talons to snag a fish.


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